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November 24 2010

Writing Web copy for your visitors maximizes your conversion rate

We’ve treated this topic numerous times, both in this blog and in white papers available on our website.  But it’s been awhile;  and because it’s such a frequently-encountered and important issue, we felt that a recent post by Tim Ash on ClickZ provided occasion for an update. It all starts from the attributes of visitors [...]

October 12 2010

Landing-page optimization: another area where less is more

OK folks, today’s post takes us to lovely Andover, MA to eavesdrop on the recent Conversion Leaders Summit.  Well, not physically to Andover, it was a virtual meeting;  but Andover is home to SeeWhy, who sponsored the Summit.  And home base for Charles Nicholls, who posted a nifty summary of a Summit presentation on improving [...]

March 11 2010

With this checklist, you can build a compelling landing page

It may be the most critical component of your pay per click (PPC) program.  It’s where your visitor decides either that there’s something here worthy of further evaluation …or that she’ll just click on over to YouTube (or somewhere). Yes, it’s your landing page.  Much has been written about how not to do one;  there’s even [...]

December 23 2009

Try adding a call to action to the end of your white papers

In our recent post, “To register or not, revisited”, we discussed the virtues of voluntary – or even no – registration in front of your thought-leadership conversion bait (usually white papers).  And we suggested also placing your registration request at the end of your downloadable material. Now along comes Jim Logan, posting on his blog with [...]
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