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November 24 2010

Writing Web copy for your visitors maximizes your conversion rate

We’ve treated this topic numerous times, both in this blog and in white papers available on our website.  But it’s been awhile;  and because it’s such a frequently-encountered and important issue, we felt that a recent post by Tim Ash on ClickZ provided occasion for an update. It all starts from the attributes of visitors [...]

October 28 2010

It’s time to start holding social media accountable for ROI

No question, we’re in the midst of a veritable explosion of B2B social media usage.  Led on by numerous evangelists, increasing numbers of online marketers are pushing out wall posts, tweets, blog posts, etc., hoping to gain traction in their target market. We’d like to say, “It’s all good”;  but we know, of course, that [...]

October 21 2010

Webinars: so easy, even a small B2B can do them well

Webinars:  along with white papers, they’re a highly effective means for B2Bs to communicate complex material and/or establish thought leadership.  They can be used either as “lead bait” (i.e., as an offer behind a landing page) or as a nurturing step for existing prospects. So why is it that relatively few small B2Bs make use [...]

October 12 2010

Landing-page optimization: another area where less is more

OK folks, today’s post takes us to lovely Andover, MA to eavesdrop on the recent Conversion Leaders Summit.  Well, not physically to Andover, it was a virtual meeting;  but Andover is home to SeeWhy, who sponsored the Summit.  And home base for Charles Nicholls, who posted a nifty summary of a Summit presentation on improving [...]

October 01 2010

How NOT to select – and work with – a website design agency

No question about it, finding the right web design agency is tough …very tough.  Start with the fact that it’s never an “apples to apples” comparison …maybe not even apples to oranges.  Agencies vary widely in price, methodology, core competencies, creative capability, pricing models, technologies supported, and a host of other factors. But in trying [...]

September 07 2010

Could an autoresponder keep your B2B from drowning in prospects?

Some of you are probably familiar with the notion of an email autoresponder;  but for those who aren’t…  an autoresponder is a program that sends one or more automated messages in response to either an email or a Web form inquiry.  It may be as simple as “Thanks for contacting us!” to a series of [...]

August 12 2010

August 05 2010

May 27 2010

With Google’s Quality Score, you can have too much of a good thing

Not paying attention to Google Adwords Quality Score is likely to cost you more money than you should be paying… full stop.  If that doesn’t ring true for you, do read on… Yes, I know… in a recent post, I sang the praises of Quality Score as a hard taskmaster that helps me stay on my [...]

May 04 2010

Why marketers should love their company’s blog

Over the past year or two, we’ve done our share of advocating that B2Bs begin utilizing social media;  and we’ve consistently recommended starting with a company blog, for those who haven’t already done so. So we were plenty dismayed to learn from Jennifer Laycock’s post in Search Engine Guide that the recent mad rush toward social-network [...]

April 29 2010

Six related emails can be 400% better than one, says Sherpa

As we’ve said here before, we keep posting about email marketing because of its singular importance to our B2B clients …most of whom use it fairly heavily for lead nurturing (if not generation). Say you have 5 or 6 relatively independent things you want to say about a certain topic, that would culminate in a particular [...]

April 23 2010

Web marketing creates a new revenue engine for the new millenium

Along with many other observers, we’ve noted for some time how online vehicles are changing the shape of B2B marketing:  e.g., shifting budgets/spending from traditional to online modes and changing how and when B2Bs engage with their prospects. But according to a dynamite post by Jon Miller over at Marketo, our thinking hasn’t gone nearly far [...]

April 20 2010

How social media can improve B2B email marketing

When social media invaded the online marketing scene a couple of years ago, many observers predicted that it would spell the end for email marketing. But not so, says MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, which found that the only two marketing tactics to see an increased budget in 2009 were social media and email.  And [...]

April 08 2010

Deciding when your B2B should use SEO …or SMO …or PPC

We’ve blogged several times before on the perception that there’s some sort of forced choice between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising (PPC) – see for example “Why do I need both SEO and PPC?” – and of course we’ve always debunked the premise, and have urged B2Bs to do both whenever [...]

March 18 2010

So you’re starting your B2B blog… where should you put it?

Let’s say you’ve finally been worn down by our (plus others’) persistent trumpeting of the benefits of business blogging (e.g., “B2B blogging can improve organic search”), so now you’ve decided to take the plunge and start yours.  One of the first questions you’ll face is where – virtually speaking – to set up your blog. Just [...]

March 11 2010

With this checklist, you can build a compelling landing page

It may be the most critical component of your pay per click (PPC) program.  It’s where your visitor decides either that there’s something here worthy of further evaluation …or that she’ll just click on over to YouTube (or somewhere). Yes, it’s your landing page.  Much has been written about how not to do one;  there’s even [...]

January 05 2010

Done right, SEO can make your B2B’s product pages visible

Let’s face it… the most critical pages we B2Bs develop for our websites – those that describe our products or services – are not very glamorous.  In fact, they can often be pretty dry, dusty stuff.  Compared to the latest tabloid story about Lindsey Lohan smoking while texting while driving under the influence, it’s never [...]

December 23 2009

Try adding a call to action to the end of your white papers

In our recent post, “To register or not, revisited”, we discussed the virtues of voluntary – or even no – registration in front of your thought-leadership conversion bait (usually white papers).  And we suggested also placing your registration request at the end of your downloadable material. Now along comes Jim Logan, posting on his blog with [...]

November 18 2009

Beyond conversion: PPC can do more than “just” generate leads

B2Bs have become so accustomed to the usual pay per click (PPC) scenario… Searcher views ad |  searcher clicks on ad  |  hits landing page  |  registers for offer …that it tends to become all that we measure.  We tend to think only in terms of: # of registrants conversion rate (registrations / clicks to page) cost/click, cost/registration registrant quality [...]
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