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Save time with Shared Campaign Extensions

Earlier this year we introduced the Ad extensions tab to help you manage and track your campaign extensions in AdWords. Now, in addition to showing statistics for your campaign extensions, the Ad extensions tab lets you share extensions between campaigns.

Shared extensions allow you to use the same extensions information across multiple campaigns, saving you the time and effort of manually recreating extensions one at a time per campaign. For example, if you’ve set up Ad Sitelinks in one of your campaigns, you may want to use the same settings for a new campaign. Rather than copying each link and pasting it over one at a time to the new campaign, now you can share your Ad Sitelinks settings from your existing campaign to the new one.

What’s more, if you need to change part of your extension later (for example, to change the URL for one of the Ad Sitelinks), you only need to change the extension once and all campaigns sharing that extension will be automatically updated.

Any extension you add is automatically available for sharing between campaigns. To add a shared extension to a campaign, visit the Ad extensions tab for the destination campaign. Then, select the extension type from the drop down box, and click 'New extension.'

You’ll see the option to choose one of your existing extensions from another campaign, or to create a new extension. Choose the extensions you’d like to use, click save, and you’re done.

To learn more about shared extensions, please visit the AdWords help center.

Posted by Gordon Zhu, Inside AdWords crew

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